Emmi.ai three month update.

To all our students, thanks so much for continuing to use Emmi.ai!

We’ve had an incredible three months since we released an early alpha version of Emmi.ai. To show our appreciation to you all, we wanted to share with you some updates on: (a) our progress so far; (b) where we’re going next; and (c) what you can expect from us.

Our progress so far

As you’ve been learning from Emmi.ai, she – and we – have been learning from you.

Since January 2019, we’re proud of how our students have, together:

  • Spent over 3000 hours learning from Emmi.ai;
  • Covered five chapters’ worth of A Level Mathematics;
  • Taken Emmi.ai internationally, to Swedish and Portuguese speakers!

We’ve valued every single moment every one of you has spent with Emmi. It has kept us inspired in our work, seeing what you have achieved when learning from Emmi.ai. (A special shoutout to User 771, who used Emmi for four hours straight!)

But we’re not complacent – we’re constantly striving to make your experience with Emmi better, so that everybody can have the same success as User 771.

In three months, our team has:

  • Built an interactive whiteboard for Emmi.ai to use in her teaching;
  • Designed new interfaces to support your progress, like the user dashboard; and
  • Engineered a 10x speed improvement in Emmi.ai’s typing and messaging.

We’re not finished yet, either!

Where we’re going next

We love hearing about how Emmi has made learning maths more accessible, engaging and successful for our students. It’s what drives us: helping every student to reach their potential in maths.

Soon, we’ll be releasing a new beta version of Emmi that will be a big step up from our current alpha version, using what we’ve learned from our students.

Accessibility: To make Emmi more accessible, we’ve been expanding the core conversational experience. In our beta release, Emmi will have a voice!

Engagement: To make Emmi more engaging, we’ve been building a new core mode of learning. We’ll be testing out a new Time Trial mode, designed for short bursts.

Student success: To bring Emmi to more students, we’re now focusing our content around the GCSE syllabus. Lots of students struggle with the new, harder specification, and – after testing her out on A-Level – we’re confident that Emmi can make a difference here.

What you can expect from us

We’re more determined than we’ve ever been to help students achieve their potential in maths. All of our existing A Level content is going to be supported on the new beta version of Emmi.ai. As we focus on GCSE students from here, our A Level development will come to an end – but we’re so thankful to every one of our A Level students.

To show our appreciation, we’d like to extend an exclusive offer to our A Level students:

Have you got a younger sibling in secondary school who is, or will be, taking GCSE? We’ll give them an extended trial subscription to our full GCSE product when it launches!

We’d also be excited for you to give us your thoughts on Emmi.ai’s new design when we release her beta version. We know that so many of you have great ideas and we’d love to hear them.


Contact us at feedback@emmi.ai and we’ll get back to you personally.


If you have exams this summer, we wish you the best of luck – let us know how they go!