Individual learning with the Ai tutor

Technology has allowed us to unlock the benefits of individual learning. We explore how we’ve applied this to


Individual learning is all about tailoring the available resources in order to meet the personal learning needs of the student. To accomplish this the learning material and it’s delivery work in unison based on the feedback of the student. Not feedback in the traditional sense. Rather data captured as the student uses the platform. Allowing tools like to intelligently shape the learning that a student undertakes. This is powerful because it enables teaching to focus on specific areas of weakness and gaps in knowledge for each individual student. Shaping teaching specifically to raise their overall level and get them closer to achieving their potential.

As an approach it’s incredibly hard to replicate in a classroom environment. And is often the reason so many parents choose to supplement their child’s learning with tutoring. It’s an impossible task for a teacher to focus in on the individual needs of every student and then shape lessons and the learning approach accordingly. We should stress this isn’t a failing on behalf of our excellent teachers. It’s simply a fact of the classroom setup and approach to education they have to work within.


The role technology plays

Technology has unlocked our ability to teach the individual not the class. This can bring huge rewards for students. Representing the next step in personalised learning, technology allows us to track and record a huge volume of data from each individuals interaction. Assessing and shaping progression based on the specific needs of every student. Within Ai tutoring data becomes an integral part of the learning process. The more a student interacts the more data is captured. This can then be used intelligently to teach exactly what the student needs to improve. focuses on the cornerstones of individual learning:

  • Students have personal, clear, goals
  • Goals are realistic
  • Goals are dynamic and reviewed regularly
  • Progress is based on student needs and ability
  • Motivation is tailored and personal

This all happens as part of the engaging delivery of Ai tutoring. Students don’t ever get a sense they are being coerced rather the delivery of the content is natural and intuitive. It’s exactly what you would expect from a great teacher sat by your side.


Working alongside the classroom is most certainly not about replacing teachers so let’s get that elephant out of the room immediately. was and always will be a solution that is solving a problem of accessibility. As it becomes common place for students to and their parents to seek out tutoring solutions it makes it harder for students to compete who simply can’t afford it. Technology has gone some way to mitigating these issues but virtually all current options have made tutoring a bit cheaper, delivered via Skype or similar. This raises some key questions about both quality and accessibility, questions that a more radical approach can answer.

This is exactly what we’ve set out to achieve with By using the technology to it’s fullest extent we can create an individual learning environment that is shaped specifically to the needs of each individual student. Teaching delivery takes place via chat and voice removing the need for a human and thus dramatically decreasing overheads to a point that no human based solution can compete with. Cutting through the noise it means students get a solution as close to free as possible with a teaching and learning approach that is specifically designed to maximise potential.

As an aid to revision, practice and learning we know have an environment that can ably support all students seeking to make the most of their GCSE years. can fill in the gaps left by the classroom and help students with the motivation to reach their potential and unlock future opportunity.


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