How the most succesful students are revising this Easter

It’s full steam ahead revising this Easter so we’ve combined a host of tips and advice from the most successful A* students.

Most of you will be revising this Easter. We’ve got so many tips and guides we thought that the most useful thing would be to filter everything that’s a nice to have and focus in on exactly what the most successful students will be doing as we head towards exams. And no that doesn’t mean 8 hour revision days!

What not to do.

Re-reading and not highlighting

Sorry to say it but for maths especially this is a waste of time. It’s been proven that to best retain knowledge you need to make your brain work and that means answering questions. Re-reading and highlighting stuff may seem productive but it’s, unfortunately, a case of in one ear and out the other.

Last minute cramming

This doesn’t work very well because it creates what’s called cognitive overload. Which means trying to stuff too much into your brain in one go. Your brain isn’t capable of handling lots of complicated information in a short space of time, sadly that’s just science.

Making a playlist

You may have trained yourself to work with music but regardless you will learn better if you work in a quiet space with no distractions.

Top GCSE tips

These are a combination of tips from students we know, the best we could find online and some amazing guides we’ve seen.

Practice papers

It’s a fact that just reading the material is one of the least effective ways to learn. By now you should be focussing on making your brain work and practice papers are a great way to do that. What’s more they are very easy to get hold of, try Google!

Examiners reports

A little less obvious but these are great for sharpening your exam technique. The examiners reports tell you what the examiners look for in answers and what they don’t like to see. These are literally gold dust and they are easy to get your hands on.

Get your revision done early

No we don’t mean start in January (bit late for that now). Rather it’s a great idea to get your revision done early in the day. It gives you time to focus on having some fun and maintaining your sanity.


Tips from A* A-Level students

Fill in the knowledge gaps

The best A-Level students are able to critically assess what they are good at and what they aren’t. This is important as it allows them to practice on their weaknesses and thus raise their overall standard. You can do this to, simply take some practice questions and find out which ones you didn’t do so well. You can then weight your revision towards your weaker topics.

Practising and honing your knowledge

Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice the more likely you will be to succeed. In practice (pardon the pun) what this means is try and cycle through each topic every week through to your exams even if it’s one or two questions. It will ensure you keep the knowledge fresh. Technology can really help here our Ai tutor is perfectly geared to provide you all the practice questions you need.

Practising your exam technique

The smart students have worked out that it’s not just about answering the questions it’s about how you answer them. Good exam technique can be the difference between good and great marks.

The basics

These are the must do’s when revising this Easter.

  • Lose the distractions, that means finding a quiet place free of your digital devices to study
  • Start early, a few hours in the morning means you’ve got the day to do the things you enjoy
  • Take regular breaks, trying to study for hours on end is counterproductive so take regular breaks. Give yourself a treat and jump on social!
  • Practice, practice, practice and start early


The most important tip

Maintain your sanity, take breaks and give yourself rewards. A sensible revision schedule and plenty of downtime will keep you focused and motivated. Good luck revising this Easter.


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