If you only had 5 minutes to study what would you do?

A question we were asked raised a great point. “If you only had 5 minutes to study each day what would you do?”

Only 5 mins to study a day. On the face of it that’s a pretty tricky question to answer. So we thought well if it was maths, something we know a bit about, how would we tackle this? Actually 5 minutes is a reasonable amount of time for some things. It’s certainly enough time to practice some of the basics; times tables, simple one-variable equations, the rules of algebra. In fact there are quite a few. That’s not all, you’ve also got science on your side. Proven theories demonstrate how regularly revisiting a topic keep the knowledge fresh in your mind. Which is good news come exam day.

What can you do in 5 minutes a day.

There’s a host of topics you can cover with only 5 minutes to study a day. Of course it depends on how much you have been taught and how much you’ve learnt. Whilst we definitely believe in a small amount of maths every day sometimes this isn’t enough to fully learn a topic. Even the lessons in Emmi.ai our Ai tutor, which are designed to be short, still come in at over 5 minutes. But, don’t panic, once you’ve got these under your belt 5 minutes to study and practice these topics is more than enough to run through a few questions and ensure that when the time comes you have the knowledge

The learning science behind short session.

There’s actually some proven scientific theory behind the idea of 5 minutes to study a day. We explored these theories in detail in a previous blog you can read here.

There are two main principles at work when you study for a really short period of time.

Segmenting principle

Rather than go into too much detail what this means is that it’s harder to absorb lots of complex information in one go. Our brains create a bottle neck and the best way to get through that is to do it in small chunks. This is perfect for short study times as you can learn and practice small amounts of a topic, ensuring that the knowledge sticks.

Mental spacing

Working alongside the segmenting principle, mental spacing is a method of studying and repeating a topic over a period of time through to the an event. Usually it’s an exam! Using this technique you would revisit a topic in short bursts every few weeks. It ensures that the knowledge is kept fresh come crunch time.

We’d therefore conclude that 5 minutes to study a day is a great start to hitting your potential in maths. It’s enough time to practice and retain the knowledge across most topics and is a great way to study at home what you learn at school. If you do 5 minutes study a day, every day of your course then you will be putting yourself ina great position when it comes to more major revising and exam time.

Good luck!



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