Ai learning vs. traditional methods

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Ai learning is often pitted in a human vs Ai situation. We prefer to think that both approaches have the same goal they are just different ways of getting to the same place – a positive outcome. 

There seems to be a certain fear of Ai learning, most of it unfounded. Nonetheless, we felt we should explore Ai learning and human teaching, as both have merits and downsides. Crucially both have the same goal, to help you improve your chosen subject. Rather than making it a battle of Ai vs. human let’s harness the best of both as ultimately we’re both pulling in the same direction.

The things that separate great teachers from everyone else are the distinctly human characteristics that we value in the people that teach us and inspire us to do great things. But we’ve become so accustomed that this is the way to be taught, that we almost never question whether it is the only way or whether there are different routes to achieve the same outcome. Education is a case in point. We have become indoctrinated in an approach to education that in some respects has changed little in the last 100 years. We teach our students methods with little scientific backup and in some cases evidence that suggest they simply don’t work. Revision is a major culprit in this respect. But we keep doing it, why? Contrast the skills of a great teacher with the skills of a great Ai. They are totally different but they have the same goal.

Great teachers are

  • Creative and innovative
  • Have experience and use it to shape their lessons
  • Exhibit passion for the subject
  • Build relationships with students that nurture their talents

Great Ai

  • Tracks your data and uses this knowledge to shape how you learn
  • Sets hundreds and hundreds of practice questions
  • Never gets tired
  • Runs super short catch up and practice sessions
  • Uses science as its approach to ensuring you retain knowledge

Ultimately what we are illustrating here is that they have different skills but both have the same goals which is to get to a positive outcome, pass exams, and reach potential. Who’s to say which is the wrong or right way to achieve this as each route has its benefits. Equally each route isn’t for everyone.

One advantage Ai will always have is both accessibility and cost. Ai has no real limitations on the number of students that can use it, in fact the more the better as economies of scale can often reduce pricing for users. Human teachers have limits. This is what drives because we want the most people possible to benefit from the service at a price they can afford. It’s never been the case and never will be that we want to replace teachers. But we are realists and we know great teaching resources are limited.

What do you think? We would love to hear your views on Ai learning.



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