Last minute revision tips

Last minute revision tips seems rather counterintuitive to our approach to continual learning. But, let’s face it some of you will still try to cram and even if you’ve studied hard there are a few things you can do close to the exam to fine tune your approach. is all about a little learning everyday but in the real world some of you won’t do that so we’ve pulled together some last minute revision tips to help get you over the line. We’ve scoured the web to find some of the best tips we can as well as putting our own scientific spin on things. If you’re studying your maths grab a look at our time trial questions as these quick fire tests are a great way to practice some of the concepts you’ll need to know for your maths. So let’s assume you’ve only got a few days or at worst a day to get some quality work done. What should you do?

Set the scene

It’s time to turn off the technology as you need to be 100% focused for the task ahead. Find a quiet place to work free of distractions and try and start the day early. Not too early though getting up at 5am will prove to be counterproductive. If you can head to a library or somewhere at home where you can work, not your bed. It’s all about getting in the mindset to work a bit like the old army thing about making your bed and looking smart.

Make a plan

Normally we suggest identifying your weaknesses over a period of time and focussing in these areas as well as your all round knowledge. But, with only a day or two it’s highly unlikely your going to make a huge difference to something you don’t really understand. Instead it’s probably better to refine what you are good at and if you can fill in knowledge gaps in other areas great. Whatever you do though make sure you have a plan for tackling the different subject areas rather than just diving in and chaotically moving between subjects. If you do this with only a short amount of time you’ll waste it.

Don’t panic

Whilst it’s easy to go into total meltdown mode at this stage it’s not all doom and gloom. Approaching last minute revision with a positive attitude will help keep your mind clear. There’s no point dwelling on what you should have done and when you should have started your revision. That’s all great but it’s not where you are so it’s time to deal with it.

Past papers

For certain subjects practice questions and past papers are a great last minute revision tip. It’s a fact that your brain absorbs knowledge when it has to work. It’s easy to find a bunch of questions and you can tackle a good few of these over a period of time. In fact, it’s one of the core features of our virtual maths assistant as we know how important practicing is. There are loads of places you can get questions, Google is a good first port of call!

Study your notes

A good last minute technique is to go through any notes you have and condense these down into a single page, with key facts, equations, quotes depending on the subject. There’s things you need to memorise in every subject so try to write out what these are and learn them. Luckily your brain can handle smaller chunks of information but if you try to do too much it will litterally go in one ear and out the other.

Examiner notes

We must have mentioned this in every blog we write about revision and home study. But they are also a great last minute revision tip. The examiners notes give you guidance on exactly what the people marking the exam are looking for in an answer. Those in the know often refer to these as the difference between good and great grades. If you can take knowledge of how to answer the questions into an exam the you have a clear advantage even if you’re not as well prepared on the subject as you would like.

Take a break

Even when your revising full throttle for the few days before your exam, it’s important you take short breaks and let your brain chill for a time. Grab some food, do some sit ups whatever takes your mind of things just remember not to let the breaks last too long!

Trust in yourself

Positive mental attitude goes a long way and without the risk of getting all Tony Robbins you’re far more likely to do well if you go into the exams with a positive attitude. Even last minute revision is better than none at all and remember if all else fails it’s not the end of the world.


Good luck!!


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