The story is the result of years of teaching and tutoring experience.

The founders of have seen first hand how huge variations in the quality of maths teaching, propped up by a  culture of tutoring, has evolved a system where financial means dictate student performance. The have nots simply never reach their potential. Delving deeper into the problem it became apparent that it wasn’t just economic means that dictated performance. Where students fell on the economic scale also had a massive impact on their confidence and the time they could commit to their learning.


“Solving this inequality by providing high quality maths teaching to every student is the mission that drives”


To do this, and ensure that the maths tutor is cheap and easy to use has led to the development of cutting edge artificial intelligence, capturing the essence of the founders successful teaching and tutoring. Codifying what makes successful teachers has been an incredibly complex tasks but ultimately essential as it’s of paramount importance that students get the same level of teaching they would expect from traditional tutoring. does this by prioritising understanding and building confidence, an approach which has proved highly successful for the founders in their teaching careers.


So the rest is history…not quite! Development of has been a challenging process,’s founders have learnt to code proficiently along the way, trialling numerous iterations online and continuing to tutor so as not to remove themselves from the daily teaching coal face. This is the start of the story, GCSE content is just about to go live in the platform.

Why Emmi?

The ai is called Emmi, named after Emmy Noether the groundbreaking female mathematician who overcame significant barriers to both teach and make significant contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics. Emmy Noether and share a lot in common steadfast in their pursuits and above all putting students first, always.

Why so cheap? is designed to be used by everyone, that’s why for a monthly cost less than half the price of the cheapest tutoring session you can access as much as you want. Keeping the price in single figures is really important to the founders. Emmi is the digital personification of years of successful maths teaching and tutoring. She builds confidence and understanding. Guiding students through topics, building knowledge and creating mathematicians who will maximise their potential.


The next chapter of’s story is just beginning but we know where we want to go, developing Emmi into the future standard for maths learning.


Giving back to students

At we are committed to levelling the playing field for all students., of course, is a major step to doing this but we have also recently launched Emmi Maths Resources. We’ve packed all of our lessons, revision material and practice questions into an easy to navigate resources compendium to help you with your learning and work on specific topics as and when you need to. Click the link to find out more.



The team



Joe Zhou

Richard Ng

Mateusz Krol

Ben Dickens

Daniel Littlewood