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Popular Questions and Answers

1. Does Emmi.ai work on any device?

Yes Emmi.ai is designed to work on phones, tablets and desktop computers. There's even a speech feature in the pipeline!

2. What content does Emmi.ai cover?

Emmi.ai is for GCSE maths students at the moment and includes content from all the main exam boards for the entire course

3. There's no teacher, will I learn with Emmi.ai?

Emmi.ai is designed to replicate how a real person teaches with some science and technology thrown in. All Emmi.ai needs is a small commitment each week and that's enough to improve your maths.

4. I don't want lessons, I just want to practice my maths

That's fine, Emmi.ai is designed so you can practise and even put yourself under exam type pressure with time trial questions.

5. How do I know my maths is improving?

Emmi.ai tracks your performance each tme you use the platform. You can see your progress in the dashboard and also the areas of study Emmi.ai recommends to help you improve further.

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