Emmi.ai is designed to be your maths tutor in the palm of your hand.


Whether you’ve time for a detailed lesson in front of your desktop or you want to catch up on a specific topic when time is short, Emmi.ai works with you and your busy lifestyle.








Conversational lessons run at your pace.






Use Emmi.ai anywhere on any device.



Revise and learn specific topics when and where you want.

Emmi.ai is designed to work with all your devices. There’s no need to be sat in front of a desktop computer everytime you want to use Emmi.ai.

The maths keyboard and whiteboard make it easy to interact with Emmi.ai to progress your lesson, practice topics and build your understanding.

Emmi.ai has been designed from the ground up to work with the real needs of modern students.


Emmi.ai intelligently manages your learning. Reinforcing areas of weakness and progressing at a pace you’re comfortable with.


Emmi.ai tracks progress across all relevant maths topics. Launching for a-level students Emmi.ai builds your confidence and understanding in fundamentals before moving onto more complex topics at a pace that is dictated by you and your learning needs.

Emmi.ai represents a true technological evolution in maths teaching.Designed for the busy modern lives of today’s students. Emmi.ai uses true artificial intelligence to replicates best in class maths teaching in an easy to use, accessible environment.



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