Modern education in the UK is propped up by tutoring at every age


Tutoring has created a glass floor in education. Failing students with the means are propped up and retain their future prospects. Those without simply fall through the gaps. That’s why we’ve created an artificial intelligence based maths tutor.


The number of high achieving disadvantaged pupils who receive one-to-one tuition

The extra hours of one-to-one tuition well off pupils receive versus their poorer peers

The percentage of London students who’ve received tutoring



The problem is growing



Paid tutoring services are creating an educational divide that is hard to bridge. Students from poorer homes are at a distinct disadvantage compared to their wealthier peers.


The government has, as yet, shown no inclination to fund tutoring for poorer students.Technology presents the easiest route to solving this problem through the use of artificial intelligence. gives you everything you need to reach your maths potential



Build maths confidence intelligently builds your confidence and understanding.

Access anywhere

Access via your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Intelligent learning

Adapts to your learning needs.




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